1. [NEW!] The Status Quo and Beliefs Polarization of Inattentive Agents: Theory and Experiment
with Andrei Matveenko and Silvio Ravaioli.  American Economic Journal: Microeconomics (forthcoming)

2. A Note on Optimal Experimentation under Risk Aversion,
with Godfrey Keller and Tim Willems, 2019. Journal of Economic Theory179, 476-487.

3. Scheduling of Multi-class Multi-server Queueing Systems with Abandonments,
with Urtzi Ayesta and Peter Jacko, 2017. Journal of Scheduling, 20(2), 129-145.


Working papers:

Valuing Hope: A Model of Aspirations,
with Eliana La Ferrara.

Why is Promise of Stability Bad for Voters?,
with Sergei Mikhalishchev


Work in progress:

Cognitive Perception and Aspiration Selection

Estimating Models with Rational Inattentive Agents


Book Chapters:

Whittle’s Indexation Approach to and Applications of Bi-objective Two-state Binary-action Markov Decision Processes,
with Peter Jacko, 2015. In A.B. Piunovskiy (Ed.), Modern Trends in Controlled Stochastic Processes: Theory and Applications, Volume II (pp. 140-151). UK:Luniver Press. Invited chapter.